The ‘Get Lost Tour’ is a map to nowhere in particular.

Our New York office is located on Washington Street in DUMBO, also known as “Selfie Street”.

Herds of tourists flood the street for a selfie with the Manhattan bridge. 

Locals find these tourists increasingly “suffocating,” so we’re telling them to get lost.

With the ‘Get Lost Tour’ tourists are guided by prompts based on the Dérive theory.

The participants "abandon their usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there.” (*)


→ If you’re right handed, veer left. If you’re left handed, veer right. If you’re ambidextrous, keep going in the same direction. When you’re ready, choose a new prompt. 

→ Look around you, carefully taking in the scenery. What is the first color you notice? Now find an object with that color and walk toward it. Choose a new prompt.

→ Close your eyes, use your sense of smell to find your new direction. When you’re ready, pick your next prompt.

🌀 Did you Get Lost? 🌀