Google Chromebooks: Star Wars Andor

In this international campaign we tell the story of rebels – those who fight to save the galaxy and those that choose a smarter and more exciting laptop to help them solve life’s little problems, such as finding the time to binge watch the new Star Wars series.


2022 sounds like 1984

Storytel continues to lead the way in the audiotainment category with a re-telling of a dystopian classic. Orwell’s ‘1984’ is now an audio experience for today.

If we listen closely, the themes of Orwell’s ‘1984’ could be headlines pulled from today’s news. What’s more, 1+9+8+4=22. Is it a coincidence, or was it a warning?

‘2022 sounds like 1984’ brings to life the chilling parallels between Orwell’s fictional dystopia and the times we live in. The campaign is a wake up call and an urge for everyone to open their ears and hear it for themselves.