Google Earth Studio

We began drafting an idea for Earth Studio in early 2014, when we saw the need for a new kind of tool while looking for clever ways to tell geographic stories in film. After a proof of concept, we partnered with Google to bring the browser-based animation tool to life.

Working in close partnership with the Google Geo team, we developed a creative vision for the product, laid out functionality and usability specs, feature roadmap, defined a look & feel, and positioned the product.

We wanted Google Earth Studio to be a breeze of fresh air in the animation software landscape: light, simple, easy to use, fast, yet incredibly powerful.

Following two years of development, Google Earth Studio graduated from an in-house initiative to a fully fledged Google product, growing alongside others in the Geo family.


Google Chromebooks: Star Wars Andor

In this international campaign we tell the story of rebels – those who fight to save the galaxy and those that choose a smarter and more exciting laptop to help them solve life’s little problems, such as finding the time to binge watch the new Star Wars series.