Google Earth Studio

We began drafting an idea for Earth Studio in early 2014, when we saw the need for a new kind of tool while looking for clever ways to tell geographic stories in film. After a proof of concept, we partnered with Google to bring the browser-based animation tool to life.

Working in close partnership with the Google Geo team, we developed a creative vision for the product, laid out functionality and usability specs, feature roadmap, defined a look & feel, and positioned the product.

We wanted Google Earth Studio to be a breeze of fresh air in the animation software landscape: light, simple, easy to use, fast, yet incredibly powerful.

Following two years of development, Google Earth Studio graduated from an in-house initiative to a fully fledged Google product, growing alongside others in the Geo family.


CAT Footwear - Respect The Work

Our new global campaign for CAT Footwear welcomes you to the new world of work. Where what you do is less important than how you do it. Where work isn’t an occupation. It’s an attitude.  Respect the work.