Space Janitor

A while ago we did some work to help Google introduce Maps Platform to game devs. Below are some artifacts from these work streams, including Space Janitor, a game for mobile and arcade featuring 66 different (accurate and playable) cities from Maps.

[↑] Faceless hero, 300 ft tall


Earth is facing impending doom from a cluster of incoming asteroids, and humans are woefully unprepared to deal with the situation.

Thankfully, there’s a league of under-appreciated galactic servants that toil away at menial space tasks such as keeping primitive, obscure civilizations from extinction.

Space Janitor is one of these faceless heroes. Standing 300 feet tall, it tirelessly roams the solar system, vacuuming up cities and relocating them to safer planets.

Next stop: Earth.

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games we saw at GDC’ πŸͺ


[↑] Space Janitor cabinet version


[↑] Space Janitor, the sock



The Future Can't Wait

In these times of rising conflicts, climate change and global pandemics, children's dreams of a brighter future have slipped further away. This campaign for Save The Children dramatizes the need to safeguard our hope for the future β€” the children.

Whether it’s the dream of access to clean water or blue skies free from threat, every dream, plan and hope that children carry for themselves and their future deserve to become reality - the future can’t wait.