2022 sounds like 1984

Storytel continues to lead the way in the audiotainment category with a re-telling of a dystopian classic. Orwell’s ‘1984’ is now an audio experience for today.

If we listen closely, the themes of Orwell’s ‘1984’ could be headlines pulled from today’s news. What’s more, 1+9+8+4=22. Is it a coincidence, or was it a warning?

‘2022 sounds like 1984’ brings to life the chilling parallels between Orwell’s fictional dystopia and the times we live in. The campaign is a wake up call and an urge for everyone to open their ears and hear it for themselves.


LA Open 2022

We are delighted to have just wrapped the second year of our LA Open initiative.

LA Open is a paid summer internship for high school students entering their senior year, developed and run from our B-Reel LA studio. The goal of the internship is to introduce interns to life at a creative agency, a sector many of them hadn’t previously considered as a career option, and give them hands-on work experience under the mentorship of our team. 

The program is an important local initiative to support students and future creative talent in our surrounding Los Angeles community, especially in areas that are oftentimes underfunded. 

We have continued our valuable partnership with CATCH Prep Charter High School this year, and are thrilled to see that due to feedback from last year's interns, interest among their students to learn more about the creative sector has grown.

This summer, we invited six talented students to our LA studio for a three-week internship. Throughout their time with us, they participated in workshops with our B-Reel staff, both in person with our LA team and virtually with some of our New York office team members.

Throughout the program, our interns learned more about how a creative agency operates, participated in marketing and resume creation workshops, and took part in design workshops with our product designers, creating their very own custom phone wallpapers, and mini Lego figures of themselves to learn more about the design tools we use.

They also enjoyed working on an individual case study, developed in house by our B-Reel team, to present to the whole team at the end of their internship. The task was to think of a product or service that they love and think of ideas on how they would improve the product. This was a great exercise to spark their creative thinking and increase their confidence: some interns, albeit being nervous about it at start, even filmed live commercials for their new and improved products!

On a personal note, we celebrated one of our interns’ birthdays (17 years!), enjoyed lunch together every day and learned more about each other's lives, backgrounds, aspirations and goals. Most importantly, we laughed a lot.

We couldn’t have asked for better internship feedback when one of our wonderful interns, at the end of their internship said, “Can we stay here forever?”. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful interns for a great summer, we too, have learned so much from you.