The North Face - We Always Have Your Back

In our first campaign for The North Face, we reconnect the brand with the great outdoors and position them as a leader and partner to every explorer out there by reminding its audience “We Always Have Your Back”. The anthem film is narrated by Alex Honnold, legendary free solo climber who reminds us that “there’s no such thing as solo”.

The North Face’s iconic logo has always been prominent on the back of its products. Over time, this has become a stamp of approval and a reminder that the brand has your back every step of the way. Whether you’re rocking it as a fashion item on the streets or wearing technically advanced gear for a mountain exploration, this campaign gives that meaning a contemporary and fresh spin.

Along with the anthemic film piece, the campaign has product-centric short films and a range of photography assets that focus on athletes in action.


Come run with us, NYC

Calling all NYC Runners! In this hyperlocal Nike Running Campaign, we did a complete takeover of New York City to encourage people to Come Run With Us. This took place before, during and after the biggest running event in the world: The NYC Marathon.

Running in New York City is a different kind of beast, so to get people to lace up and get out there, we need to douse them in inspiration and motivation in a way only New Yorkers will understand. Say hello to NIKE RUN 24.7 FM, a fake radio station that became the voice and heart of this campaign.

With a tonality that is motivational, playful and oozes that NYC coolness and confidence, this radio and OOH led campaign helped build credibility for Nike as a running brand for all kinds of runners, no matter your level.