MAKING H&M part of the conversation Through craft ⚡️ tech ⚡️ culture.

H&M’s business relies on their ability to stay relevant. We have partnered for over 15 years to help drive innovation in how they show up and connect with customers across their organization.


We’re helping cement H&M as a leader in fashion through global campaigns across a range of different topics. From reinventing how to talk about key collections like H&M Man, to exploring new ways to think about PRIDE that places the LGBTQI+ community first, and H&M second.


[↑] AR filters with Mabel for H&M x Kangol.

Launching designer collaborations isn’t about the volume of product sales (they sell out in minutes), it’s about finding the shared space between both brands, and bringing that space to life through eye-popping social activations and experiences.

[↑] Channel zapping with H&M x Moschino.


Building a 🌍 global 🎧 audiobook brand across 22 markets.

Storytel’s mission is to become the world’s leading audio content streaming brand. As their global agency of record, we’ve helped grow their brand into 22 different markets.

At the core of our partnership is the belief that creativity is a multiplier. Brands that aspire to be interesting - through technology, culture, and craft - WIN.


This is Storytel, and Stories for Now

The brand idea of "Set stories free" is aimed at reminding the world that books don’t have to be stuffy, boring or elitist. It encourages people to explore a world of audiobooks, listen with their hearts and dive ears first into the glorious unknown. Where stories are set free to be with us. Anytime, and anywhere.


Our goal is to bring this idea to life, from shaping the brand platform and identity, to communication strategies and the overall marketing activity across brand and product.


As a part of the brand platform we developed a visual identity that is based on the DNA of stories: Letters. Our identity channels these building blocks into a look and feel, and tone of voice that is playful and fun.